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Jokowi : Macro Policy Versus “Blusukan”

ENG | 07 March 2013 | 15:23 Dibaca: 167   Komentar: 0   0

In medias a few moments ago, Governor of DKI Jakarta, Jokowi, said that he doesn’t know anything about the budget of his own speech that allocated until hundreds of millions of rupiah. He argued that he only manage the Macro policy of the government in his administration.

It is a really flipped reverse of what he’s been doing the whole time before and after his appointment as the governor.

There’s a rumour that Jakarta do not have a vice governor. It only had Governor number one and number two. Governor number one is the one who mostly use his office time on the street or outside the real office of the Governor of DKI Jakarta. While the governor two is the one use the real office building.

The fact that Governor Jokowi are mostly use his work hour in the street or “blusukan”, jump in to the disposal channel, meetings with poor citizens are really testing the sense that what his doing is acts of macro’s management.

He really applied direct help to real people with real problems.

And he, perhaps, among the mostly high ranked public officials are the most one’s who do so.

The argument that he did not understand that the budget of his own speech were allocated until hundreds millions of rupiahs, while he admitted that he rarely made a formal speech towards his action of justification, made realities are contraproductive with what he intended into. It is also include the integrity of accountability of the supporters and the employees of his led governancy.

It can be questioned that all the action for the past, more than a hundred days, of his leadership were actually beyond a form of imaging or publicity only.

Macro’s policy as far as we know is a state of huge obyectivity and more than commoners application towards a daily or standard basis paradigma.

Macro policy if it related with economical science is a form of compilating and made a strategic decision towards many of interest with many object of values involves.

It is also include a decision of knowing details and making a budget with interrealated wisdom above commoners.

Commoners knows that a budget of hundreds of millions of rupiah for just a seldomly done speech is inefficient.

It is something that a decision maker in a strategic macro policy understanding should be aware of.

“Blusukan” is a state of touching practicioners in the Governor’s administration to find out what is real and what is not that sometimes produced direct strategic decisions towards the mean time of its act of interactions.

It is really different with the comprehension of budget as he has been denying for.


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